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Work with us

Would you like to collaborate with Meat Less Meet More to enhance the plant-based community? Engage in crafting events and activations that exude luxury, sustainability, and magnificence like no other.

What you'll do

  • Assist the Events Lead in planning and executing plant-forward events that align with our values of sustainability, climate action, and vegan living

  • Support the conceptualization and development of event themes, activities, and experiences that engage and inspire attendees

  • Handle event logistics, including venue selection, vendor coordination, and budget management

  • Contribute to social media campaigns & content creation

  • Manage on-site execution

  • Stay updated on sustainable event trends & vegan innovations

  • Prioritize sustainability practices throughout the process


Your qualities

  • Proven experience in event coordination or assistance (sustainability a plus!)

  • Strong organizational skills and attention to detail to manage multiple event tasks simultaneously.

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities to collaborate effectively with cross-functional teams and vendors.

  • Proficiency in event management software and digital tools to streamline planning and execution processes.

  • Creative mindset and ability to contribute fresh ideas that align with our mission.

  • Passion for promoting sustainability, climate action, and vegan living through impactful events.



Join us in organizing plant-powered events that drive positive change. Apply now to lead our efforts in hosting sustainable, impactful experiences! 

Events Executive

Mumbai, India

Part time

Passionate about sustainability? Love creating impactful experiences? Join our team as an Events Executive and help promote plant-based living through experiential luxury events! 

What you'll do

  • Design engaging graphics and visuals using Canva to enhance our social media presence and engage our audience.

  • Assist in managing our social media platforms by scheduling posts, responding to comments, and monitoring engagement.

  • Contribute creative ideas for social media campaigns and content that align with our mission and resonate with our audience.

  • Help coordinate social media collaborations and partnerships to expand our reach and impact.

  • Stay informed about social media trends and best practices to continuously improve our online presence.


Your qualities

  • High-proficiency in Canva or similar graphic design tools to create visually appealing content.

  • Familiarity with social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, among others.

  • Strong written communication skills to create engaging captions and interact with our online community.

  • Creative mindset and ability to generate fresh ideas for social media content.

  • Passion for sustainability, climate action, and vegan living.



Ready to make a difference through our social media? Apply now to be part of our team and help spread the message of sustainability and plant-based living! 

Social Media Intern

Mumbai, India

Part time

Passionate about sustainability? Have a knack for social media? Join our team as a Social Media Intern and play a crucial role in promoting plant-based living through engaging online content for Meat Less Meet More.

Meat Less, Meet More represents a paradigm shift, a bold declaration that plant-based living is not only chic but also an unparalleled source of delight, curated for you by Shreya Ghodawat and Amy Aela.

Our promise

  • Luxe Experiences: Curated luxurious events that imbue sheer elegance.

  • Impactful Connections: Opportunities to meet, network, and make an indelible impact along with inspiring plant-powered individuals.

  • Culinary Artistry: Exquisite and gourmet vegan creations that redefine plant-based dining

  • Love and Laughter: The possibility of romance, friendships, and joy-filled moments with people who share your values.

  • Conscious Travel: Wanderlust and explorations with a profound respect for our planet.

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