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We're rewriting the script, expunging the stereotype.

Fashion Portrait
Fashion Portrait

We're more about human(e) connections

Networking & Investing

Meet like-minded business prospects in relevant settings, expand your network in the growing plant-based industry. Events include product launches, fundraisers, seated dinners with careful planning--to ensure quality conversation and valuable networking.

Dating & Relationships

Banish banal conversation to lesser gatherings. Professional and switched-on vegetarian, vegan or plant forward individuals are hand picked by our rigorous selection process to ensure quality conversation, in an avenue to meet real, potential partners who share your values.

Sustainable Travel

Carefully planned itineraries, with scrupulously selected guests, to travel to breathtaking and life-enriching locations, from luxury plant-based retreats to splendid Parisian getaways.

Our Inclusive Guest List

Meat Less, Meet More represents a paradigm shift, a bold declaration that plant-based living is not only chic, but also an unparalleled source of delight for vegans, vegetarians, flexitarians and like-minded individuals who share your values.

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