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Plan     t Forward Weekend @ Soho



8-9 June

at Soho House, Mumbai

Brought to you by Meat Less Meet More, enjoy a weekend celebrating everything plant-forward from cooking, to planet-forward popups to movie nights, to speed dating!

Soy Cheese Toast

Join us for a weekend celebrating everything plant-forward for World Environment Day at Soho. 

Saturday 8th

Sunday 9th

  • Plant-based panel discussion & debate

  • Popup over the weekend with plant based desserts, food, lifestyle, clothing

  • Sustainable Fashion Swap: Clothing swap event where participants exchange gently used clothing and accessories, promoting sustainable fashion consumption and reducing waste.

  • Veggie Speed Dating with burgers & beers

  • Street Food Festival: showcasing plant-based street eats, in collaboration with culinary partners

  • Vegan Bakery experience

  • Plant-based Cooking Class - Learning to create delicious plant-based meals with renowned chefs and leading plant-based food brands

  • Plant-Based Movie: Movie screening of a plant-based documentary or film, followed by a discussion or social mixer.

All weekend

Special plant-forward menu & planet forward pop-ups

Apply as a sponsor, stall or as a participant!

How do you want to be involved?
Which event would you want to attend?


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